Cold Spring Harbor Researcher Earns $2.5 Million Grant and MyLITV Earns FOLIO Award

(L-R)Waldo Cabrera, MyLITV; Dr. Dr. Mikala Egeblad and Josh Wein, MyLITV

Tactics of War Inspire Promising Research in Battle to Defeat Resistant Cancers

Islip – ( A team of expert, local story-tellers was honored by the Fair Media Council of Long Island with a FOLIO Award for their report about a Danish-born researcher who is using the lessons of her nation’s battle against a malignant invader during World War II as part of a strategy for counter-attacking recurrent cancers in the future.
Dr. Mikala Egeblad, of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is the recipient of a $2.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, the “Era of Hope Scholarship Fund.”  Egeblad described her campaign among more than 50 applicants to win the grant, introduced some Long Island allies in the battle, and explains why her theory of attacking supply-lines to tumors is a promising strategy for combating therapy-resistant cancers.
In their report, “Demystifying Cancer,” video journalists Josh Wein, Christina Colatutto, and Waldo Cabrera employed impressive graphics to illustrate facets of Egeblad’s challenging mission as she describes her project.
Engeblad credits anti-breast cancer organizations in Suffolk and Nassau for her successful presentation to the U.S.D.D; the West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition for L.I., Inc., and the Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer, for introducing her to cancer survivors and those who have late-stage and metastic breast cancers. “What they’re worried about is: ‘Is this cancer going to come back? And if it does, what are my options?”
Engeblad says her federal grant money will be used to acquire a powerful, new microscope and to support a team of six researchers who will explore where resistant cancer cells originate, and how to effectively cut off their lifelines.
The Fair Media Council FOLIO awards are presented for works of journalism, judged by the public, to best serve the needs and wants of the Long Island community. The FOLIO event was April 24, at the Crest Hollow Country Club, in Woodbury, New York.
This year My Long Island TV won a total of four Folio Awards in the categories of Science, Entertainment, Educational Reporting, and Housing. The winning subjects were Dr. Engeblad’s anti-cancer project; a colorful visit with kids learning the principles of physics while enjoying fairground thrill rides; access to affordable housing in Patchogue; and a conversation with legendary television producer Norman Lear. 
This year My Long Island TV is also celebrating 5 years of service to our community.
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