William Krol: Brush Up on Your Grammar, Improve Your Image


Bill Krol, Communications Manager for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind and America's VetDogs

It seems that anything goes when it comes to communication on the internet, but good grammar matters -- especially for professionals.

Your message should be clear and comprehensible. Grammar is the set of rules we follow to help us achieve this goal.

You can be informal -- posts on social media, or formal in the press releases and publications you send out, but like it or not, your readers will judge you when you make grammatical mistakes -- and that can hurt your message.

They stop paying attention to what you're saying, and start noticing how you're saying it.

The AP Stylebook or the Chicago Manual of Style are two major guides most communications professionals use; these books (or their online versions) should be part of your writing library.

You don't have to mindlessly adhere to the rules, but you need to know what's important -- and what will make your audience remember your message.

So get noticed by using this simple tip to stand out in the crowd.

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