Jeff Morosoff: Strengthen Your Business — How To Prepare for a PR Crisis


Jeff Morosoff, Director of the Graduate Program in PR at Hofstra University

A public relations crisis can hit an organization when least expected. Simple issues like weather or an accident--or issues as complex as an employee's misguided actions or the sale of a faulty product--can throw an organization into turmoil, and sometimes threaten its very existence.

You can take effective steps to avoid a PR crisis, and to handle one correctly if something bad should happen. First, you should make a list of, say, a dozen possible issues that could arise.
Then make a plan on how you would address each problem. Identify everyone who would have to be contacted—both internally and externally-- if something goes wrong. Plan how you'll deal with traditional and social media, and who's making the decisions as events unfold.

You can't plan for every unforeseen crisis, but having a strategy in place is a good approach to avoiding a full-blown public relations crisis.
So get noticed by using this simple tip to stand out in the crowd.

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