Charlee Miller: Role Playing While Drawing Inspires Creativity in Kids


Charlee Miller, Executive Director of the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills

Have you ever watched children engaged in make-believe play, whether it is playing with a doll, pretending to be a teacher or drawing a picture to express an idea? The entire time is spent shaping their very own creative process with complete freedom. There is no rehearsal or thought of the end results. Just pure, impromptu play.

Always encourage your children at home to make up scenarios and act out the parts, even change their voice if they want to create a certain character. Simply having your children draw pictures of something funny, sad, silly or a place that they love, is an exploration of the creative mind. Creativity fosters creative thinking, solves problems, develops intellect and discipline and has no limits. Make sure your home is a creative place where your children can celebrate their own uniqueness.

So get inspired and keep the arts alive in your child's life.

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