Dave Mejias Takes on Gambling in Nassau County | A Minute Smarter

A Minute Smarter


Hello, I’m Dave Mejias.  I am working with community leaders in Nassau County to stop casino gambling and preserve our suburban quality of life. 


Together, we have formed NRAGED, Nassau Residents Against Gambling Enterprise Development


Numerous university studies have shown that Casinos bring an increase in crime, and greater government spending on social services and law enforcement.  


Ultimately, Casinos cost communities much more in than they generate in new revenue.  


Nationally Casino Gambling costs communities $40 billion in increased costs.


In areas where a Casino is introduced gambling addiction rises 400% while creating mostly low wage jobs that fundamentally change the fabric of the workforce and our neighborhoods.  


Casinos at the Nassau Coliseum property or Belmont Racetrack will forever change or suburban quality of life. 


Our elected officials can and must do better.  Long Island desperately needs initiatives that would create high paying jobs that would help keep young people on Long Island.  


Let’s not gamble away our future, we can and must do better.

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