Legislator Tom Cilmi: Fix the Broken Windows- Fix Our Neighborhoods


Broken Windows
I recently had a conversation with some folks from the Westfield Organization...the company that owns the South Shore Mall in Bay Shore and we talked about some very exciting new tenant prospects. I asked if crime was a factor at the mall which had, in years past, developed a disappointing reputation.
I was delighted to hear that with a focus on security and a partnership with the Suffolk county Police Department, crime had been virtually eliminated.
While additional security measures surely played a role, fixing the metaphorical "broken windows" goes a long way...making sure the mall is clean and bright and friendly and new.
This strategy was successfully used by Mayor Rudy Giuliani to clean up New York City and could and should be used in a similar fashion across Long Island. Pick up the garbage, cut the grass, keep loiterers off the streets...fix the windows.
Clearly there are many other pieces to the societal puzzles of the day, but if we put the right pieces down first, the others may just fall into place.

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